OMG: Guy Tries To Jump From Hotel Roof Into Pool But Destroys His Feet Instead!

This video is hard to watch. A would-be daredevil tries to jump from a hotel roof and land into the pool, but he misses the jump by a small margin and his feet take most of the impact of the 50-100 ft. jump.

The horrifying video can be seen from multiple camera angles, one of which is the hotel security footage. The hotel camera shows the man missing the jump and then crawling around the pool area after he no doubt massacres both of his feet and probably shatters plenty of bones.

The scariest camera angle comes from the jumper’s point-of-view camera as he’s about to jump off the roof. You can hear him breathing heavily as he gets ready for takeoff. You also get a true gauge of how how high the jump really is. You can hear the guy let out a guttural noise as he knows he’s going to miss the jump and he braces to take the impact.

The very end of the video shows the aftermath and the guy in the hospital. You can see both of his feet are mangled and one of them is even missing a huge chunk of flesh.

The last photo shows the man’s feet covered in two full casts and his face covered by a bandanna because he no doubt feels like an idiot after the horrible gaffe.