Wild Leopard Savagely Attacks People On The Streets In India

According to the Indian Express, a wild leopard ran through homes and attacked several people on the streets of Raiganj, West Bengal, before it was finally caught by local wildlife experts.

The footage above, courtesy of the Wall Street Journal, is pretty gruesome. You can see the leopard is freaking out and is mauling at least one person’s arm with its mouth, as a large crowd of frantic people attempt to free the trapped man and capture the leopard with a net of some kind.

The leopard breaks free from the netting with at least a good 15-20 people surrounding it and escapes to a nearby alleyway.

You can immediately see that the people in the adjacent street scurry off as fast as humanly possible from the wild leopard roaming through their town.

You don’t want to mess with a leopard under any circumstances. Leopards are known to eat animals like gazelles, deer, impala, and on occasion they are known to hunt monkeys. If a leopard can take out a monkey, mangling a couple humans is no problem.

Leopards are also extremely agile and very good swimmers. They are able to leap more than 20 feet and reach a max speed of 36 mph. Wow!